Wild Species 2000 Search Tool

This tool is here to help find the status' of the species contained in our database. You can either enter in a name (common or scientific) in the entry box below, or use criteria (taxonomic, status or regional) to conduct a search. Selecting more criteria narrows your search to a fewer results.
Taxonomic Group: Status: Region:

 Ferns  Extirpated/Extinct  YT
 Orchids  At Risk  NT
 Butterflies  May Be At Risk  NU
 Freshwater Fish  Sensitive  BC
 Amphibians  Secure  AB
 Reptiles  Undetermined  SK
 Marine Reptiles  Not Assessed  MB
 Birds  Exotic  ON
 Mammals  Accidental  QC
 Marine Mammals  NB

Common Name:
Scientific Name:
 Pacific Ocean
 Western Arctic Ocean
Order by:
 Eastern Arctic Ocean
 Atlantic Ocean


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